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Splendid Radio is a weekly show streamed live on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. PST and re-broadcasted Mondays at 9 p.m. PST on PharcydeTV.com. The weekly show informs, inspires and creates an environment for dialogue, commentary, comedy and foodiesms. Founded in 2003, Splendid Radio started out as an mp3 playlist that evolved into a live show streamed out of Highland Park, Los Angeles. Schmooche, Comedien Jeremy Scippio host and Dj Oggy is the resident DJ. Together they deliver live interviews, guest DJ sets, entrepreneurs and movers and shakers. Their experiences, personalities and passion combine to deliver the Splendid Radio experience.


Video Playlist

Video Playlist
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SplendidRadio w/ future Congress Woman Aarika Samone Rhodes
Splendid Radio with guest Kris Rubio & Comedian Von Roburts
SplendidRadio with Guest Brandon Brody
Splendidradio with Guest Comedian Matt Jones
SplendidRadio with Guest comedian Freez Luv




If you’d like to be a Guest...

You can send us your bio and any other informative information.

Email: nfo@splendidradio.com




Greg 'Schmooche' Campbell

Splendid Radio Host

Greg “Schmooche” Campbell has been involved in a love affair with music since the late 80’s. The concept of Splendid Radio, originally an eight to ten hour mp3 playlist circa 2004 is a product of relationships with Musical established and Upcoming Artists, Dj’s, Managers, Record Labels and Industry Professionals allowing him access to unreleased music.

Several years later, Bootie Brown of The Pharcyde presented the opportunity for Splendid Radio to be streamed via PharcydeTv.com and with the production help of High School friend Santana of TruthSeekers Radio you can watch the previous week’s episodes of every Monday from 9:00 to 10:30 and live on Tuesday’s from 8:00 to 9:30. You can also listen to an archive of audio versions of Splendid Radio shows on the PharcydeTV Mixcloud station.

DJ Oggy

Splendid Radio DJ

DJ Oggy (DJ/VDJ/Music Producer) produces music for TV and Cinema placements and Licenses. He has been spinning Hip Hop at LA clubs, Dj’ing TV and Radio Shows since 2002 when he relocated from Japan to LA.

Oggy has produced the Flo Rida – Cake (Tokyo Mo Remix), David Guetta – Don’t Leave Me Alone (Michael Mayeda & DJ Oggy Remix) and the (Tokyo Mo Beats Remix).

You can catch DJ Oggy Dj’ing or Video Dj’ing at his weekly residency Friday’s and Saturday’s at The Mayan night club in Downtown LA or streaming various online shows.

Jeremy Scippio

Splendid Radio Co-Host

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. Jeremy’s comedic talent has led him all over the world. He participated in the Edinburgh Fringe Fest in Scotland, toured South Asia and headlined Carolines on Broadway in NYC. Jeremy can regularly be seen performing all over Los Angeles discussing the intricacies of modern day society in the post “me too” era.