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Film 3



2x Webby nominated filmmakers currently building film3 and getting shit done on the GameStop Marketplace, Loop Exchange,  and beyond. 


Video Playlist

Video Playlist
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Process 001 Raiden Gorby
Process 001 Raiden Gorby
PROCESS 002  Bootie Brown Trailer
PROCESS 002 Bootie Brown Trailer
LabLifePro with Corry of Modbap Modular
LabLifePro with Corry of Modbap Modular
20200719 DNK
20200719 DNK



Risa Select Exclusive Interview : Sky Drive Inc
R2 Radio New EP “Amazing JIRO”
Bishop Chronicles EP #152: John Leguizamo on Critical Thinking & Chess
LabCabinCalifornia 25 …. #BeammeupSpinna
Video Spotlight : Point Lobo ” Low Flame “



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Let’s build. Let’s heal. Let’s be real. Hit me up. I offer readings (Cardology and Akashic), Spiritual Guidance, help figuring out the best way(s) to love yourself back to a place of complete authenticity. I help you figure out how to shine your best and brightest light. And I love Hip-Hop. Let’s connect. Email above or fill out form below. #iLiveThanks and I look forward to building with you.

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