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Kraig Facts podcast is a comedy podcast created and hosted by comedian Kraig Smith and Brandyn Toney. The podcast combines comedy and inspirational conversations, with interesting guests from various fields, including music, comedy, art, fashion, fitness, social media, business, and more. Each episode brings new energy, fresh topics and different perspectives to ensure that listeners never experience a dull moment



Kraig Facts : Shut Up Terry Crews
Kraig Facts : Pimp Rules
Kraig Facts : Bird Box Theory
Kraig Facts : Jack Johnson
SplendidRadio w/ comedian Kraig Smith


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Loft Radio Episode 3
Loft Radio Episode 3





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Kraig Smith

Host / Comedian / Youtuber

Thee King Smith is a comedian, actor, and YouTuber based out of Los Angeles, CA.  He is best know for his appearances on the Jeff Ross Roast of O’Dell Beckham, and ADD’s Roast Me, where he was rightfully named the “Roast King”.

Kraig has a niche for unique interpretations of everyday life which he depicts through the characters and skits he creates.  Some of his most popular are The Gangster Evangelist, Dysfunctional Love, Run Up and Fake Dope.
Kraig has a huge YouTube following and over 120 million views across all social media platforms.  He has a large fan base in major cities and has performed in numerous successful comedy tours around the country.
Kraig has a style and delivery that is one-of-a-kind.  You won't find an uncle, big brother, or father who gives better advice than Thee Kraig Smith.

DJ RedCup

Truthseekers Radio DJ

Red AKA DJ Red Cup, was born into a musical family in Nashville, TN. He and his family moved to Long Beach in the summer of 1975 so his father could record an album titled “Love is the Key” as one of the lead singers in the R&B singing group the “Dynamic Five”. The album is now a rare collector item for crate diggers. Red was a break dancer in middle school, toured as a background dancer and danced on “Soul Train” in the 90’s.

In the late 90’s he began to dabble in radio along with his former roommate “L”. They started with a weekly show that aired on Urban Network’s internet station. That led to them starting their own 24 hour internet station “Soulsessions Radio w/ L & Red” that streamed on Live 365. A chance invite to do a guest set on Truthseekers Radio that aired on 90.7FM KPFK led to an open invitation to stop by the show anytime. From that day on, L & Red showed up every week and eventually became full time members of the Truthseekers crew where they’ve been putting it down for the last 13 plus years. Red has been told he has a signature sound that is still 100% Truthseekers. He blends a lot sexy soulful sounds with eclectic beats, preferring to go with rare classics and new unknowns. Faithful listeners have stated that they can always tell when he’s spinning just by the vibe…….music to ride to!!!


TruthSeekers Co-Host

ChaseTruths is an American Indian ancient futurist from Venice, California. Starting off as a dedicated Truthseeker Radio listener- he evolved into a DJ conduit of truth for the seekers.



Truthseekers Radio DJ

Music has always been incorporated in L’s life. He musical influences were always eclectic in growing up in the LA area with roots in Long Beach & Cerritos he was fed a steady dose of Soul, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Electronic, Reggae and Hip Hop.  Additionally his father’s heavy jazz rotation thoughout his life has been an major influence. In college he worked with the National Panhellenic Council in putting on the UCLA Step Show at Pauley Pavilion … incorporating live acts like Big Daddy Kane, Special Ed and XClan. L at UCLA was elected the  Cultural Affairs Commissioner. Under the guidance of his long time friend and fraternity brother R. Vaughn Gill, L expanded the UCLA Jazz Festival to add on a Reggae Day on Memorial Day Weekend in 1991. The Festival has been a fixture on UCLA’s campus and one of the most popular student run events still today.

His transition into radio came from a call from his long time close friend Red. Red had saw an advertisement that peeked both their interests…learning how to conduct a radio show.  This lead to Soulsessions Radio with L & Red that streamed the worldwide web in the early 2000. They were given the opportuntity to be one of the selected shows on Urban Network Magazine’s Internet Radio Staion by David Mitchell. Then another friend and fraternity brother Ralph Drake, led L & Red to an invitation to sit in with Santana, SP & Lassana of the Truthseekers Radio Crew @ KPFK FM in LA.  L & Red have been along for the ride ever since.  Truthseekers Radio is unmatched in its eclectic shows that blesses the audible airwaves and now with Brown of from the legendary Pharcyde at Master Controls – blending the magnificent visuals to complement to audio selections;  makes L so grateful to be a part of such an enlightened and musically gifted crew.



Truthseekers Co-Host / Co- creator

Pause button cassette mixtapes and early 80’s computers that’s where it all began