Having such different backgrounds but have gone through the same experiences, these four friends decided that it would be best to share their thoughts with everyone else. They have been friends since their middle and high school stage. Every person has their own unique story so why not be able to share it with other young individuals who might be thinking or going through the same thing. Four brains, four opinions, four different individuals are going to bless your ears with juicy and heartfelt topics.


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Video Playlist
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Minority Mamis MixDown Episode 3
Minority Mamis MixDown Episode 3
Minority Mamis Stereotypes Episode 4
Minority Mamis Stereotypes Episode 4
Minority Mamis MixDown Episode 3
Minority Mamis MixDown Episode 3
Minority Mamis Stereotypes Episode 4
Minority Mamis Stereotypes Episode 4





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Maya Brown, born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, California, found her niche for entertainment at a young age. Always putting on shows as a child-dancing and singing around the house-she knew she loved to make people laugh and smile. She graduated from Pasadena City College with an Associate Degree in Communications, and has been exploring the entertainment industry as a model, working as an intern on radio stations and doing some commercial work.

Maya is all about keeping a positive attitude and loves to be that bright light in everyone’s life.



Miranda Kaekul, a young and aspiring woman, was raised in Los Angeles, California. She has her Associates Degree in Social Science and is currently in school to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Growing up, she was back and forth between houses as her parents had divorced at a young age yet that did not affect her bright and energetic personality. As a child, Miranda had always been interested in sports, those that she played were flag football, tennis, basketball, and soccer.

The one she was most passionate about was soccer, she played the sport for eleven years and never lost her love for it. She was always more into sports than others, and dedicated a decade of her life to it. Miranda’s personality was always very outgoing and welcoming, she has this bright aura surrounding her and nothing can ever ruin it. Miranda aspires to be more involved with her passion of helping others as well as growing herself into the person she dreams to be.



An enthusiastic girl who grew up asking questions, more specifically “why”. She is a question box who loves to talk. Lauryn was raised in Burbank, California, with a heart for the entertainment business. Her curiosity of people led her to receive a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communication/Film with an emphasis in Sociology. With this love for the industry, she is a working actress and model.

Outside the podcast life, you’ll find Lauryn with a coffee cup in hand, smiling brightly with friends by her side.

Madison Ahmani


Madison Ahmani, a Los Angeles native, is a fashion journalist based in Los Angeles. She graduated from the Academy of Art University located in San Francisco in the Spring of 2019 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Madison’s love for writing started at the young age of seven when she began to write poetry and continued on in high school writing for her school paper. When she moved to San Francisco and started college she realized that she not only wanted to pursue journalism, but she had also wanted to experiment with other artistic platforms. She has experience with different media platforms such as: podcasts, photography, social media, and film-which she plans to explore in her career as well.

Madison believes these skill sets will help her grow personally and professionally by challenging the status quo of today’s social media standards.