AGA Radio

AGA (Ars Gratia Artis) Radio is a grass roots, DIY podcast created and recorded in my very own living room. I started collecting records about 5 years ago, and have been infatuated with music in all forms from a relatively early age. My musical education is for the most part self-taught, with pivotal lessons coming from legendary taste-makers/curators such as man like Gilles Peterson, Lefto, Kutmah, Bradley Zero, and DJ Gilla. I also owe a lot to certain online musical entities/blogs such as Stamp The Wax, Twistedsoul, Music Is My Sanctuary, Stimulate Your Soul and everyone else who keeps pushing those sounds that never quite seem to penetrate the mainstream.
Once I hit my late teens I really threw myself headfirst into music. I started to dig deeper, intent on finding the stuff that was hidden behind the hoards of one-hit-wonders, novelty acts, and mainstream puppets. In doing so I began to amass a quite a wealth of knowledge and love for the sonic arts, and (after many encouraging words) decided to create an outlet in order to share my music collection with the world. My hopes are to create a community of like-minded music lovers. Individuals such as myself, those whose love for the groove knows no bounds. Remember music is love, and love is everywhere, sometimes you just have to look a bit harder.

AGA Radio was born from both a desire and a necessity to share all the incredible music I’ve spent the best years of my life collecting. Determined not to let these phenomenal pieces of sonic art lay dormant, tucked away on the shelf or buried on some hard drive, I decided to take to the airwaves (or Mixcloud as the case may be). After a year of solo shows I linked up with Stimulate Your Soul and now AGA Radio is comin’ at cha on the Pharcyde! Although the show may be rooted in Soul, Funk, Jazz, Hip-Hop, & Beats, AGA Radio is certainly bound by no genre. So, join me every Tuesday as I take you on a little journey through some of the tunes I break my bank each week buying.