R2 Radio 2020 Exclusive Interview : Yoshida Brothers


[R2 RADIO 2020 special]

For the first episode of 2020, we have on the show popular Tsugaru Shamisen musicians, The Yoshida Brothers! Yoshida brothers pioneered the Tsugaru Shamisen style and have traveled all over the world showcasing this wonderful traditional instrument. They have had their music in movies, video games, tv commercial, anime’s and many more! For this episode, They stopped by to talk about their career stories, overseas tours, a new project that celebrates the 20th anniversary of their first album release and also gave us a live in-studio performance! This was a great interview so be sure to tune in on the Pharcyde tv network! Airtime info below!

Japan: Jan. 3rd (Fri) 12:00 (JST)
USA: Jan. 2nd (Thur) 19:00 (PDT)~
Broadcasting source: http://www.pharcydetv.com
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