AGA Radio x SYS TV – Episode 25 (Mandarin Dreams Special)

Yo yo! I’ve got a very special episode instore for you wonderful people this month. I thought I would take this opportunity to shine a little light on one of my favourite labels/collectives, I’m talkin’ about the absurdly brilliant Mandarin Dreams based out of Melbourne. This inimitable ensemble consists of, but is certainly not limited to, Silentjay, A.kid, Kuzich, Alien, Horatio Luna, Dufresne, & Clever Austin. Individually they are all remarkably talented artists, but as a unit, Mandarin Dreams is certainly greater than the sum of it’s parts. I had the privilege of witnessing this powerfully versatile collective in action while they were visiting the UK in August, and have not stopped thinking about it since. So today I’d like to share with you a number of songs from the Manderin Dreams back-catalogue, a few from some of the various side-projects many of the members are a part of, and also a few tracks by some friends of the movement.

The pieces of art used in the cover image are a few of the amazing contributions A.kid has created to visually accompany the sonic sounds Mandarin Dreams have put out.

Track Of The Week
Horatio Luna – Give It Up (Feat. Milan Ring)

Kuzich Intro
AcidSlop – Lament For The Sky (Mandarin Dreams) [00:01:41]
S I L E N T J A Y – Roll Over (Mandarin Dreams) [00:05:29]
Thhomas – Umut’s DMX (Mandarin Dreams) [00:08:47]
Raw Humps – Stay At Home (Mandarin Dreams) [00:11:19]
Raw Humps – Hands Off (Mandarin Dreams) [00:14:18]
Dufresne – This Song Was Appropriated (Mandarin Dreams) [00:18:17]
Arequipa ‘70 – Got To Be Paid To Be Free (Mandarin Dreams) [00:21:57]
Dufresne – Galaxy (Mandarin Dreams) [00:26:59]
Thhomas – Umut’s DMX (Part 2) (Mandarin Dreams) [00:31:14]
Dufresne – Ms Cotton (Mandarin Dreams) [00:33:04]
Horatio Luna – Fresh (La Sape Records) [00:36:11]
Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange – Stay Swag (Feat. Elf Tranzporter) (Wax Museum Records) [00:41:05]
Allysha Joy – FNFL (Gondwana Records) [00:45:08]
Horatio Luna – Give It Up (Feat. Milan Ring) (La Sape Records) [00:48:22]

Horatio Luna – Coconut Water (Wax Museum Records) [00:55:46]
Allysha Joy – Booty (Prod. Thhomas) (Self-Released) [00:57:03]
Z.Z. + Olive Tree – Outa Mind (Stamp The Wax) [01:00:20]
AcidSlop – Miles Van Der Rohe (Mandarin Dreams) [01:03:46]
30/70 Collective – Misrepresented (Rhythm Section Intl.) [01:07:40]
Clever Austin – Invmental (Mandarin Dreams) [01:11:55]
Remi – Contact Hi / High / I (Feat. Silent Jay) (House Of Beige) [01:15:41]
Silent Jay x Jace XL – Just Waking Up (Rhythm Section Intl.) [01:19:29]
30/70 Collective – Erykah (Setwun Remix) (Self-Released) [01:24:16]
Allysha Joy – Orbit (Brownswood Recordings) [01:27:55]
S I L E N T J A Y – The Question (Flutebeat) (3RRR Stylin’ Session) (Heard and Felt) [01:34:50]
Alien – Maya (Mandarin Dreams, Northside Records) [01:36:43]
AcidSlop – RU OK (Mandarin Dreams) [01:40:41]
30/70 Collective – Local Knowledge (Moontown Records, Wondercore Island) [01:43:44]
S I L E N T J A Y – The Answer (Lost In The Starz) (Self-Released) [01:47:36]
S.O.Crates – Divide (30/70 Replay) (Foreign Brothers) [01:51:35]
Kuzich – Be Free (feat Goldman) (Mandarin Dreams) [01:56:42]

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