AGA Radio x SYS TV – Episode 17

Back again with another 2-hour slice of the jams that I’ve been vibin’ to this week. There’s plenty of firm AGA favourites like Anderson .Paak, Fatima, Zero 7, Ta-Ku, The O’My’s, and Cassie Kinoshi’s SEED Ensemble, as well as a few new loves like Vesuvio Solo, Devin Morrison, & Tertia May. Two members of Melbourne’s cult cosmic outfit Raw Humps got together to drop an EP, and get people’s appetites ready for the group’s debut album. Ayo bought some stank with his latest beat, Rainman. There’s some Hip-Hop classics inspired by my recent trip up to London for the Gods Of Rap tour, and Jitwam’s Honeycomb is still being rinsed! Album of the year? Who knows, only time will tell.

✌🏻 & 💚

Track Of The Week
Jitwam – i don’t know

GZA Intro
SumoChief – Cosmic Reaction (Feat. Joel Bailey) (Self-Released) [00:01:07]
Devin Morrison – With You (Feat. Joyce Wrice) (Nothing But Net) [00:04:54]
Asal Hazel – Bonus: Lust0x8d6f6e (Self-Released) [00:08:46]
Anderson .Paak – Yada Yada (Aftermath, 12 Tone Music) [00:13:26]
Bluestaeb – Soldier (WATERS) [00:16:53]
Anderson .Paak – What Can We Do? (Feat, Nate Dogg) (Aftermath, 12 Tone Music) [00:21:00]
Jitwam – i don’t know (Tartelet Records) [00:23:49]
AcidSlop – Lament For The Sky (Mandarin Dreams) [00:26:04]
Jitwam – heart’s don’t lie (Tartelet Records) [00:30:00]
Fatima – Westside (Eglo Records) [00:33:23]
Tertia May – Twenty Two (Twisted Hearts Records) [00:36:25]
Greentea Peng – Used To (Self-Released) [00:41:13]
The O’My’s – Niña Fresa (Self-Released) 00:45:21]
Puma Blue – Soft Porn (Self-Released) [00:49:38]
Bobby Oroza – Alone Again (Timmion Records) [00:51:51]
Portishead – Only You (Go! Beat) [00:56:06]
Mac Miller – Jet Fuel (Warner Bros. Records) [01:01:00]
Jitwam – b i t c h (Tartelet Records) [01:06:17]
Retiree – Pumice Stone (Rhythm Section International) [01:09:20]
Vesuvio Solo – Night Drive (Banko Gotiti, Atelier Ciseaux) [01:13:41]
Whoarei – Together (Timetable Records) [01:16:51]
Zero 7 – Spinning (Feat. Sophie Barker) (Ultimate Dilemma) [01:19:02]
João Sobral – Meio Nublado (Batucada Records, Brownswood Recordings) [01:25:04]
SEED Ensemble – Mirrors (Jazz Re:Freshed)) [01:28:10]
Ta-Ku – Night 9 (Self-Released, Jakarta Records) [01:35:37]
Ayo – Rainman (Self-Released) [01:38:11]
Wu-Tang Clan – Bring Da Ruckus (RCA, Loud Records, Wu-Tang Records) [01:39:45]
Wu-Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M. (RCA, Loud Records, Wu-Tang Records) [01:43:26]
Wu-Tang Clan – Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin’ Ta F’ Wit (RCA, Loud Records, Wu-Tang Records) [01:47:13]
Public Enemy – Don’t Believe The Hype (Def Jam Recordings, Columbia) [01:50:17]
De La Soul – Buddy (Feat. Jungle Brothers & Q-Tip) (Tommy Boy) [01:55:34]
De La Soul – Eye Know (Tommy Boy) [01:59:54]

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