AGA Radio x SYS TV – Episode 14

Yo, what’s happening folks? AGA is back with another weekly selection of smooth, soulful jams to ease you back into reality after this long weekend break. I’m bringing you heat from all over the globe, from Brazil to Oakland, Australia to Japan, D.C. to Switzerland, Ontario to Peckham. Good music knows no borders, and neither does AGA Radio.

Dreamcast looking fly as in the cover image thanks to @Things By Dylan

Track Of The Week
Dreamcast + Burymeinamink – Cost Of Living

Bill Evans Intro
André 3000 – Me & My (To Bury Your Parents) (Unreleased) [00:00:54]
Slim. – Time Will Let Us Go (Feat. Merryn Jeann) (Banoffee Pies Records) [00:05:20]
Dreamcast + Burymeinamink – Peaceful Jam (Feat. John Glacier & Remy Banks) (Self-Released) [00:08:15]
Spacek – Eve (Island Records) [00:12:22]
Franco – How To Get In Your Love (Low Key Source) [00:18:14]
Ella Haber – Clay (Soul Has No Tempo) [00:21:29]
Pier-Paolo – Paracismico (Fada Records) [00:25:12]
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – Better Days Ahead (Arista) [00:26:31]
Tomorrow’s People – Hurry On Up Tomorrow (Stage Productions, Melodies International) [00:29:56]
Tatsuro Yamashita – あまく危険な香り [TV用インスト1 –TV Instrumental Version 1–] (Air Records, BMG) [00:33:18]
Vânia Bastos – Tabu (The Sweetest Taboo) (Velas, Soundway Recordings) [00:36:05]
Dreamcast – Liquid Deep (Peoples Potential Unlimited) [00:40:30]
Mariya Takeuchi – Plastic Love (12” Original Length Remix) (Moon Records) [00:44:15]
Via Negromonte – Love Is All (CBS, Soundway Recordings) [00:48:44]
Cola Boyy – Penny Girl (Records Makers) [00:52:50]
Gary Davis – Gotta Get Your Dub (Feat. Afrodyete) [Knoe1 Remake] (Self-Released) [00:56:38]
Melodiesinfonie – Enjoy Your Life (Jakarta Records) [01:01:28]
Pinty – Honey (Rhythm Section International) [01:05:23]
Franco – It’s All On You (Low Key Source) [01:09:07]
Dreamcast + Burymeinamink – Cost Of Living (Self-Released) [01:12:19]
Dreamcast + Burymeinamink – Grind (Self-Released) [01:13:24]
Dreamcast + Burymeinamink – Uknowitsriteruff (Self-Released) [01:14:42]
The Marías – I Don’t Know You (Self-Released) [01:16:23]
Maverick Sabre – I Can Never Be (Mercury Records) [01:19:46]
BADBADNOTGOOD – Time Moves Slow (Feat. Sam Herring) (Innovative Leisure) [01:24:42]
William Florelle – Two & Three (WotNot) [01:29:09]
Jessy Lanza – You Never Show Your Love (Feat. DJ Spinn & Taso) (Hyperdub) [01:32:24]
Dreamcast – Floral Place (Peoples Potential Unlimited) [01:36:00]
Clever Austin – Catapult (Feat. Laneous) (Touching Bass) [01:38:39]
Helado Negro – Todo Lo Que Me Falta (RNVG Intl.) [01:43:06]
Tall Black Guy x Allysha Joy – Sip Of You (Low Key Source) [01:47:27]
[ K S R ] – Headloss (Feat. Time Elijah) (Polarface) [01:50:50]
Beat Spacek – Ring Di Alarm (Self-Released) [01:53:31]