AGA Radio x SYS TV – Episode 11

What’s good people? In order to counterbalance last week’s episode showcasing all things 2019, I thought I’d throw things back to the 70’s this time around. Nothing but deep grooves from this point forward; there’s plenty of well known belters as well as loads of more obscure gems to keep the diggers happy. Allow some of the less smooth transitions and take in 32 seismic slabs of Soul, Funk, and Jazz from what I believe to be the most influential decade music has ever had. I gotta give a big shout out to all the reissue labels like The Numero Group, Athens Of The North, Mr Bongo, Gila records, Tramp, Now-Again, and all the others who make it their mission to preserve these forgotten treasures and share them with the next generation of collectors. In a time when songs are shelved at the speed of a re-tweet, the work these labels do is unquantifiably important. Many of the records getting reissued these days may have never seen the light of day before for whatever reason, or had such a small release they simply never had the opportunity to break through. Plus, when done right, a reissue can also help an aging artist reach a whole new generation and often help to financially sooth some of the situations a lifetime of being a struggling musician usually brings. Also, they make possible for me to own a lot of these amazing pieces of sonic art without having to resort to back-alley kidney donation, so it’s definitely all love!

Track Of The Week
Nohelani Cypriano – Lihue

Marvin Gaye Intro
Cene Townsel – Chrissy (Dobre Records) [00:00:45]
The Players Association – Footsteps (Vanguard) [00:04:45]
Judy Pollak Feat. 33 ⅓ – You’re Mine (Chatsford Record And Video Productions, Inc., Athens Of The North) [00:08:38]
Clarence Smith – Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child (Gospel Truth Records) [00:16:58]
Ohio Players – Sleep Talk (Westbound Records) [00:22:02]
Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Show Us A Feeling (Polydor) [00:25:20]
Nohelani Cypriano – Lihue (KKUA Records, Athens Of The North) [00:28:20]
Lonnie Liston Smith – A Chance For Peace (Flying Dutchman Record) [00:31:35]
Faze O – Riding High (She Records) [00:36:50]
Dizzy Gillespie Feat. James Moody – Matrix (Perception Records) [00:42:10]
Feather – Be Real (Eye and Eye Productions, Tramp Records) [00:45:57]
Black & Blues – Chains (Flying Dutchman Records, Acid Jazz) [00:48:35]
Larry Covin – Masquerade (Tramp Records) [00:51:29]
Celeste Legaspi – Pagibig Nang Lubus-Lubos (Pioneer, Gila Records) [00:57:05]
Datuk Sharifah Aini – Love You Inside Out (EMI, Gila Records) [00:59:30]
Slaughter Incorporated – Seems (Atlantic, WEA, Gila Records) [01:02:12]
Roy Budd – Main Titles (The Stone Killer) (Fonit Cetra International) [01:05:37]
Arthur Verocai – Caboclo (Continental, Mr Bongo) [01:08:51]
Marvin Gaye – Mandota (Instrumental) (Motown, Tamala) [01:11:35]
Kathy Ibrahim – O! Kekaseh Ku (WEA, Gila Records) [01:14:53]
Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum, & Durr – You Can’t Blame Me (Capsoul, The Numero Group) [01:18:47]
Darondo – Didn’t I (Ubiquity Records) [01:22:06]
Penny Goodwin – Too Soon You’re Old (Sidney Records) [01:25:32]
Donald Byrd – You Are The World (Blue Note Records) [01:30:14]
The Equatics – Santana Part 1 (Self-Released, Now-Again Records) [01:34:30]
Salamiah Hassan – Miang Miang Keladi (Life, Gila Records) [01:37:23]
Dalton – Soul Brother (Self-Released, Habibi Funk Records) [01:39:48]
The Equatics – Merry Go Round (Self-Released, Now-Again Records) [01:43:28]
The Real Thing – Children Of The Ghetto (Pye Records) [01:46:06]
Bloodstone – For The First Time (Decca) [01:50:34]
Gil Scott-Heron – A Sign Of The Ages (Flying Dutchman Records) [01:54:34]