AGA Radio x SYS TV – Episode 3

Yo yo yo, what’s good music lovers? Tonight at 6pm on SYS TV/ Pharcyde TV .You’ve happened upon yet another episode of AGA Radio for SYS TV. Plenty of sonic treasures in store today from a whole heap of killer artists. We’ve got some superb jazz flavours from the likes of Mr Freddy, Dwight Trible, Ezra Collective, and the inimitable queen herself, Sade. There’s also a little bit of UK Hip-Hop, some sublime Neo-Soul, and a bit of broken Beat ish towards the end. All in all a very soulful, mixed bag. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed selecting the tracks. As always much love to all the listeners, SYS, and PharcydeTV! Also, don’t miss the next episode wherein I’m going to play all that beautiful black gold I picked up whilst I was out in Amsterdam for Super-Sonic Jazz Festival. As well as some of the incredible pieces of music I was fortunate enough to hear at the festival itself.Oh, and big, big love to my sister-in-law Ama for letting me use her awesome photo for this week’s episode.Peace & Love