AGA Radio’s

Due to technical issues had to push back to 12 pm.
What’s good world? I’d like to welcome you all to AGA Radio’s first episode on the one and only SYS TV/ Pharcyde TV, brought to you by those beautiful people over there at Stimulate You Soul. Now, I spend a lot of money on music, a lot. And what do I like to do with all that music? Share it of course! As tempting as it may be to keep that unearthed gem all to yourself, music, like most things in life, is often best experienced with others. So that’s exactly what AGA Radio is here to do. Share with you those tracks that reach me on a higher level. Music for the soul, music for the dancefloor, music for the lovers, music for the headphones as well as the big speakers. Music for humans. By humans.

With all that in mind, I present to you the the first of (hopefully) many 2-hour insights into the types of tunes that make me lose myself.