R2 RADIO Ep.5 Guest: Skip Martin

次回のR2 RADIOは80年代を代表する二つのビッグ・グループ “クール・アンド・ザ・ギャング”と”ダズ・バンド“のメインボーカリストとして
This month on R2 RADIO, We have the Grammy Award winning lead singer for Dazz Band and Kool & the Gang, Skip Martin!
Skip Martin stopped by the show to talk about his friendship tour in Japan, New music, Funny industry stories with his mentor Stevie Wonder,
Rick James and more! This was a very fun & exciting interview so we want you all to tune in and check it out this week on the Pharcyde Tv network.
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Japan: Nov 2nd. (Fri) 12:00(JST)
USA: Nov 1st (Thur)20:00 (PDT)~

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