Pay and Ziggi Recado

Ziggi Recado is one of the biggest reggae artists that hails from Europe by way of the Caribbean. Releasing his third studio album “Ziggi Recado”, introducing a more progressive self to the world with his music. Pay had known Ziggi from when he just got to Holland and started doing some music and it was wonderful to then do an interview with him as an amazing worldwide known artist. Ziggi talks about how the past years have formed him into the artist, producer and musician he is today. Including how it was to get picked up by the biggest reggae label in the world (Greensleeves Records). Of course he also talks about his new self-titled album, which was released internationally on June 6th 2011. After the album, he released 4 more studio albums of which the last one “Ivan The Terrible” in 2016. Tune in to see this interview tonight at 8 pm on Pharcyde TV