TruthSeekers w/ DJ Frane

Today on TruthSeekers from 4-6pm on Pharcyde TV
We welcome one of our favorite turntable wizards! DJ Frane
Below is a track from Electric Garden of Delights which was how I discovered his music many many years ago. A truly amazing story weaved into the music. The Spark video flyer is below.
Rest in peace, Ursula K. LeGuin. This song was partly inspired by her novel, “The Lathe of Heaven.” In fact, the song’s title comes from the epigraph of the book’s first chapter: “Confucius and you are both dreams, and I who say you are dreams am a dream myself. This is a paradox. Tomorrow a wise man may explain it; that tomorrow will not be for ten thousand generations.” -Chuang Tse: II