Lyric’s Born.. ‘Callin’ Out’… Video Spotlight

Twenty-five years after he was introduced to the world with “Send Them” — the landmark left-field 12-inch that launched the Solesides labelLyrics Born has returned with a brand new studio album (his 10th) set for release in the latter half of 2018.

It’s been a long journey from his first album, ‘Later That Day…’ but LB has not squandered a second of it. With a career spanning a quarter century and a plethora of material ranging from full-length albums, mixtapes and EPs to guest appearances, production and A&R for other artists the Asian-American rapper best known for his lyricism and that baritone voice continues to make original, quality content in a musical landscape filled with cookie-cutter acts and one-hit wonders.

Coming full-circle, LB’s own label, Mobile Home Recordings (which he founded & records for) will be re-releasing that seminal first LB album to mark it’s 15-year anniversary. Spawning the classic hit, “Callin’ Out”, ‘Later That Day…’ marked the arrival of an artist whose career would break the mold in more ways than one.

Lyrics Born’s music would go on to be heard in television commercials for major brands such as Diet Coke, Motorola and Vans, video games for Electronics Arts and Atari as well as television & film soundtracks including Entourage, True Blood, Collateral, Waiting, Friday the 13th & many others.

Over the years LB has done it all. From a voice over stint for Cartoon Network’s ‘You Are Here’ campaign to compiling a book of his best #YesBayArea tweets, this Bay Area artist continues to expand his reach beyond music and has solidified himself as a renaissance man capable of doing anything he sets his mind to.

A rapper, producer, record label owner, husband, father – LB runs the gambit daily by wearing many hats. It has helped him stay grounded, unique and diversified in not only his music but also his life. With it has come as many victories as challenges, but what makes LB stand out from the crowd is his gratitude for what he has been given, his humbleness in the face of success and a relentless work-ethic that drives him to overcome all obstacles and continually come out on top.

Mike Relm is best known for his audio and video mash-ups, live concerts, and broadcast work. Part director, part Hip Hop producer, Relm has introduced the world to a style that truly echoes the fever-pitched pace of modern entertainment while paying homage to classic filmmakers and musicians.

Check for Lyrics Born New Video directed by Mike Relm here on Video Spotlight / Pharcyde TV