WaterWorld w/ Molia Speaks

Tonight at 7pm  on Pharcyde TV, Dj Icewater launches the first podcast with Molina Speaks who is a father, writer, poet, professor, artist, filmmaker, living word architect and human bridge. He works with young people at all age levels to develop their imaginations, creativity, and sense of wonder about their existence. Along with his own music and poetry, Molina plays with Chicano Afrobeat orchestra Pink Hawks, and punk and hip-hop act Roots Rice and Beans. He cooks up magic and medicine in the kitchen, and contributes time, energy and knowledge to various community organizations and arts collectives. Molina Speaks is the recipient of Westword’s 2017 Mastermind Award. Look for his new film ROOT this spring, along with an album by the same name..

Check for the WaterWorld podcast every Sunday at 10pm on CydeLife Radio