Pay and Slum Village

Although Pay had interviewed Slum Village two times before over the past years, she was excited to do another interview with them, as this formation consists of T3, Illa J and Young RJ. The last two are no strangers to Slum Village fans as they have always been a part of the SV family. At the moment of this interview they were touring in Europe, having done the Dillaville tour and following right up with the Evolution tour as their album Evolution was released in June that year. The three Detroit natives talk about touring in the new formation, the feedback from the fans in Europe and advise anyone not to deal with any negativity. We can only agree wholeheartedly to that. Watch it tonight at 8pm on Pharcyde TV.

After Payology sit back, relax and peep out Austin Sexton with his new video “In the Morning”

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