Pay w/ Anthony David

It’s Monday night and we have another great edition of Payology. Tonight at 8pm on Pharcyde TV , Pay is with Soul/RnB singer/musician Anthony David. The last time these two met was in ATL. This time Mr. David has landed in the Netherlands 2 years later with a new project. Pay ask why was there such a delay and why is the album was so short. Anthony gives us his thoughts to these questions and also tells us about his video ” Forever Yours “ . After the interview catch Anthony’s video and that jacket he wears in the video that is a topic of discussion between the host and guest artist.

Following keep your eyes and ears ready for Video Spotlight.. Then we have a special performance clip of the Native Tongue Legends….. De La Soul..

Stay out the rain and cold grap some coffee or hot coco and keep it locked on Pharcyde TV