Free Your Mind Flow w/Kiira pt.1

Kiira Kristiine Yoga starts tonight at 6pm, you can tune into her yoga classes once a week and if you miss out it will re-broadcast Saturday at 10am. Watch it here:
This week’s class is on ‘Free Your Mind’ Flow
This Gentle ‘Free Your Mind’ Flow is an intuitive class that emphasizes integrating mind, body, spirit, and breath–all within a playful, safe environment. Together, we will come into the breath and quiet the mind as we find steadiness in poses.
Join Kiira as she takes you on a journey into self using asana, meditation, pranayama, wisdom, and movement to create energetic shifts in the body, mind, and spirit. #pharcydetv #freeyoga #lbc #fymf #kiira #afterworkflow #stretch #breathe

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