Pay w/ Pete Rock

Tonight Pay sits in with Legendary Hip Hop producer Pete Rock while on tour with Caramel King The Mecca Don CL Smooth. PR describes how CL and himself got together to
make the tours happen in Amsterdam. Pay ask the question what keeps PR so creative throughout his long career in Hip Hop which PR attributes “passion” as a key component
to what keeps his drive going and also what is lacking in a lot of producers in today’s Hip Hop with creating new music. He describes Hip Hops latest attitude as a “money game”
where as producers spend less time perfecting the craft for potential bigger profits. PR goes on to explain upcoming projects and the possibilities of exploring different geners
of music.. Don’t miss it tonight here on PharcydeTV at 8pm ..

As always after Payology get ready for Video Spotlight as we feature brand new video from Jay-Way ” Airplane Mode” off his latest EP “No Life No WiFi” plus more
classic and new videos.

After that we give you another dose of Payology chatting with another great Hip Hop producer Ski Beatz.. Tune in for another great night right here on Pharcyde TV..