Pay w/ the Great Charlie Murphy

Not just known as the brother of Eddie Murphy, but an established comedian and actor himself, Charlie Murphy. As funny in person as how we know from the screen, as this interview with him from a few years ago, turned out into straight up clowning. The following footage is not so much an interview, as Charlie totally took over and I just let him run with it. Charlie talks about how the Acid Trip Tour came together and a whole bunch of random things. This was too hilarious not to use, even when I can’t really publish this as an “interview”. He said this was the realest interview he’s ever done. I am still deeply saddened by his passing and am glad I can honor him by showing this footage. Also, for more insight about what made Charlie the amazing person he was, pick up his book “The Making of a Stand Up Guy”, it’s a great read. I am grateful I got to call him my friend. If you missed out this Monday catch it tonight 8pm here on PharcydeTV..