Meet the Host

Lucy Sarabia

Host of Firme Radio/

I’m a Latina girl with big dreams that loves entertainment and Journalism. After a few semesters at Cerritos College I applied for an internship at Power 106 and I got it. I can’t even begin to explain what a great experience I had and how much I learned while I was there. When my internship ended I took all the things that I learned and applied them to my new endeavors. I now work on a few websites one particularly called LabLifePro in which I interview DJ’s and Producers. I also have my own website called and there you can find all my interviews, entertainment news and personal experiences. As you may already know I’m the host of Firme Radio, which is now live streaming through on Thursdays at 9:30p.m PST. The show is open format music, I have a guest DJ every week and a guest Artist. I also work for Mega 96.3/97.9 La Raza as a Board Operator here in Los Angeles.

Elle Potter

Yoga Instructor /

Elle has been teaching yoga since 2008. She has accumulated over 1000 hours of training, taught nearly 2000 yoga classes, and continues to find new ways to get excited about the practice. In 2014 she founded Yoga Buzz, a St. Louis-based non-profit organization born from Elle’s desire to make yoga accessible. She believes in making yoga inclusive, and continually thinks outside the box for new ways to make the experience joyous, fresh, and connected.

Greg Campbell

Host of Splendid Radio

Margaret Tra

Host of Stimulate Your Soul

Margaret Tra is a Sydney based journalist and is the director of Stimulated Media. She is also the creator of music website Stimulate Your Soul. She first started her career as a business journalist where she gained a wealth of experience, but her mind was constantly searching for more. This is where Stimulate Your Soul was born, a blog with just a mere hundred views, then turned into thousands. This was the turning point for Margaret, and little did she know from this blog would open up a new world and career for her. Margaret then decided that she wanted to live in London, so with no plan and no job to look forward to she packed her bags and took off for London for two years. Stimulate Your Soul grew immensely within the European market, with Margaret expanding her contacts within the music industry abroad by attending festivals for Stimulate Your Soul and working for music B2B magazine Audience Magazine, and as a News Editor at Making Music Foundation. Margaret has interviewed hundreds of influential musicians including in hip-hop, soul & RnB including N.W.A's DJ Yella, Boyz II Men, Dwele, The Pharcyde and Guilty Simpson to name a few. Currently Margaret is a Public Relations consultant for B2B companies, Editor at Stimulate Your Soul, blogger for various sites, as well as doing PR for musicians under her own company Stimulated Media. For business enquiries, please email:

Pay Kolmus

Host of

Pay is an Amsterdam based music industry professional. For roughly the past 20 years she’s been a studio and performing artist, hosted her own radio show and as a DJ, she released promotional mixtapes for artists. As a music journalist, she has interviewed artists, DJ’s and producers such as Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Little Dragon, Nas, Ne-Yo, Black Thought (The Roots), Pete Rock, Vince Staples and Freddie Gibbs. Her resume includes actors and comedians like Kevin Hart and Charlie Murphy as well. Her journalistic skills are also put to use being a host and moderator at several international (music) festivals and conferences, such as Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). As an artist consultant, she helps new artists brand their name and music, using her years of experience in the music industry, combined with her marketing degrees. She is currently also the business manager of rapper Jay-Way. Pay is an adventurer and has visited over 40 countries including 26 States. Her friends also know her as Piggy Pay because of her love for food. In short, Pay’s life exists of four main ingredients, as she claims: ”Music is my passion, Writing is my love, Traveling is my adventure and Food is my addiction.”

Santana Westbrook

Host of

Santana Westbrook is the host of TruthSeekers Radio which has aired on 90.7 FM KPFK Los Angeles since the summer of 2003 and KBeach Radio out of Cal State Long Beach. The show blends a unique genre of dub, electronic, instrumentals, roots and hip hop derivates. Spaced out, psychedelic, cosmic themed under currents run deep throughout his beat driven journey through soundscapes on each show. “Our mission is to hopefully inspire our listeners to make their dreams a reality. Music can be the catalyst to bridging the gap between the un-manifested and manifested dimensions!” Santana is also a painter and composer under the moniker BuddhaSupreme and is the founder of TruthSeekers Inc. a nonprofit established to help artists find funding to expand their creative endeavors through music, photography, documentaries, painting, video production and any other means of cultural expression aimed at bridging our differences!