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R2 Radio ( Japan )


Risa Kumon, a bilingual singer-songwriter from Nagasaki, Japan. She’s been doing music since a child which has prompted her to released multiple projects and has performed in some of the biggest events in Asia. She first started doing Radio as a Co-Host on an Okinawa radio station, From there she has gone on to Co-Host for a LoveFm 76.1 show, Roro Radio that played in the Kyushu prefecture of Japan in more than 10 cities. She also Co-hosts at the Popular Tokyo station Interfm89.7 on the show R2 Radio. She later got her own show, RnB Selecta and has interviewed many entertainers such as The Stylistics, Take 6, The Pharcyde, Dj Jazzy Jeff and more. Risa Kumon is excited to be apart of The Pharcyde Tv network and look forward to showcasing Japans unique culture and entertainment to the world.

Roro is a Tokyo based Recording Artist, Record producer and Radio host from Orlando, Fl. Roro comes from a musical family so he started doing music at the early age of 7 to follow in the footsteps of his family.

After receiving an offer to come to Japan for a concert, Roro has lived in Japan and flourished as an Artist/Producer. He has performed for some of Japans biggest festivals, made multiple television appearances and even released an album in record stores all across Japan. Roro started doing radio in Okinawa after an interview he did got a great response from the listeners. He was then offered a position as a co-host, Director, and engineer for the show. Years later, Roro was offered his own show, Roro Radio on popular Fukuoka based station Lovefm76.1mhz where he gave his music views, educated Japanese listeners on American hip-hop culture and played new music. He was then offered another position at the popular Tokyo station, Interfm89.7mhz where he would start, R2 Radio with his partner Risa Kumon. With R2 Radio, He and his partner Risa has gone on to interview many entertainers such as Dj Jazzy Jeff, Take 6, The Stylistics, Dj Krush, Dj QBERT, The Pharcyde And more. Roro continues to expand the R2 Radio brand and hopes to be the bridge between Japanese and American music.

Splendid Radio ( US )

SplendidRadio w / Zikomo Beats


Host of Splendid Radio



TruthSeekers Radio ( US )

TruthSeekers TV | Radio
TruthSeekers | TV


Santana Westbrook is the host of TruthSeekers Radio which has aired on 90.7 FM KPFK Los Angeles since the summer of 2003 and KBeach Radio out of Cal State Long Beach. The show blends a unique genre of dub, electronic, instrumentals, roots and hip hop derivates. Spaced out, psychedelic, cosmic themed under currents run deep throughout his beat driven journey through soundscapes on each show. “Our mission is to hopefully inspire our listeners to make their dreams a reality. Music can be the catalyst to bridging the gap between the un-manifested and manifested dimensions!”
Santana is also a painter and composer under the moniker BuddhaSupreme and is the founder of TruthSeekers Inc. a nonprofit established to help artists find funding to expand their creative endeavors through music, photography, documentaries, painting, video production and any other means of cultural expression aimed at bridging our differences!

Music has always been incorporated in L’s life. He musical influences were always eclectic in growing up in the LA area with roots in Long Beach& Cerritos he was fed a steady dose of Soul, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Electronic, Reggae and Hip Hop. He worked with the NPC in putting on the UCLA Step Show at Pauley Pavilion … Incorporating live acts like Big Daddy Kane, Special Ed and XClan. Then it was on a chance conversation that led him to leading the Cultural Affairs Commission Student Body Office at UCLA.  That ignited the embodiment of the UCLA Jazz and Reggae Memorial Day Weekend in 1991 that still thrives today as well as co-sponsoring other musical acts and cultural works and performances.
His transition into radio came from a call from his long time close friend Red. Red had saw an advertisement that peeked both their interests…learn how to create your own radio show.  This lead to Soulsessions Radio with L & Red that streamed the worldwide web in the early 2000.  Once again a friend led L & Red with an invitation to sit in with Santana, SP &  Lassana
of Truthseekers Radio @ KPFK FM…as the saying goes you give them an inch and they take a mile…L & Red have never left Truthseekers and not long after folded up Soulsessions to embark on a Journey for the last 13 years. Truthseekers Radio is unmatched in its eclectic shows that blesses the audible airwaves and L is so grateful to be a part of such an enlightened and musically gifted crew.

Red AKA DJ Red Cup, was born into a musical family in Nashville, TN. He and his family moved to Long Beach in the summer of 1975 so his father could record an album titled “Love is the Key” as one of the lead singers in the R&B singing group the “Dynamic Five”. The album is now a rare collector item for crate diggers. Red was a break dancer in middle school, toured as a background dancer and danced on “Soul Train” in the 90’s. In the late 90’s he began to dabble in radio along with his former roommate “L”. They started with a weekly show that aired on Urban Network’s internet station. That led to them starting their own 24 hour internet station “Soulsessions Radio w/ L & Red” that streamed on Live 365. A chance invite to do a guest set on Truthseekers Radio that aired on 90.7FM KPFK led to an open invitation to stop by the show anytime. From that day on, L & Red showed up every week and eventually became full time members of the Truthseekers crew where they’ve been putting it down for the last 13 plus years. Red has been told he has a signature sound that is still 100% Truthseekers. He blends a lot sexy soulful sounds with eclectic beats, preferring to go with rare classics and new unknowns. Faithful listeners have stated that they can always tell when he’s spinning just by the vibe…….music to ride to!!!



Pay Talks ( Netherlands )

Pay and Masta Ace



GR8 L8 Show ( US )

The Gr8-L8 Show EP 29: Valentine’s Feels


Justin Muzack is an up and coming hip-hop journalist and record producer from Pacoima, CA. Within the last six years, he has interviewed some of the biggest names in local, underground, and mainstream hip-hop. He has interviewed the likes of Snoop Dogg, Big Boy from Real 92.3, T-Boz from TLC, Jim Jones, Naughty By Nature, Krayzie Bone, Eric Bellinger, Problem, Illa J, Dae One, Amber Rose, Kyle, Curtiss King, Patrick Cloud, and O.T. Genasis. He is the host of “The GR8, L8 Show,” playing the greatest and latest music from the entire spectrum of hip-hop. His mission is to bridge the gap between generations and music fans alike.


Deep Soul Radio Show – Episode 13
AGA Radio x SYS TV – Episode 5
SYS Radio Episode 42 w/ JK



Margaret Tra is a Sydney based journalist and is the Director of Public Relations company Stimulated Media. She is also the creator of music website Stimulate Your Soul where she interviews hip hop, soul and R&B musicians creating stimulating content.


Free Your Mind Flow ( US )

Free Your Mind Flow with Kiira Kristiine

Yoga Buzz ( US )


WaterWorld EP 013 : Shing02

CydeLife Podcast

The Bishop Chronicles….. Drugs and Mental Health in Hip Hop

CydeLife Radio